Agricultural funds by implementing new patterns

Agricultural funds by implementing new patterns

Agricultural funds by implementing new patterns; Development of social capital of agricultural funds by implementing new models


The CEO of the parent company of the Agricultural Investment Development Support Fund said: Agricultural Development Support Funds seek to revive, strengthen and develop social capital by providing and promoting new investment patterns and resource equipping.Behzad-Nasab also mentioned that: with an effective presence in the areas of supply of required inputs, production, processing and market regulation and export of agricultural products, funds to support the development of the agricultural sector can play a key role in establishing the value chain and implementation of contract farming.

 Moreover, by providing, equipping and allocating resources optimally and using the desired models, they will become a safe place for the crystallization of thought and action in order to achieve sustainable development.

 He also added that: Given the current social and economic conditions, agricultural development support funds can use the strengths and creative ideas of shareholders and operators of this sector and effective interactions, and convert possible threats to the opportunity for growth and development of agriculture and economy of the country.

Source of the news: Public relations of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture 

Translated by: F.KH

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