MAJ Strategic Plan

Development of Electronic Government in the Ministry of Agriculture-Jihad

The electronic government is being interpreted as the application of information and communicational technology for improving the performance of the government’s execution of its duties and services. To be more specific, it is the usage of digital technology for the evolution of government operations which help delivering the best service to the people.

The more online services available and the more the use of these services become more publicly accessible, equally the effect of the electronic government is doubled, it can be successful if it comes with the high demand of the people.

Among government agencies, the ministry of Agriculture-Jihad of the Islamic Republic of Iran has a long-term program with an explicit vision and strategy for the successful implementation of e-government.

The vision of the ministry in the field of e-government development includes: increasing the efficiency and transparency of the working process and services of the Ministry of Agricultural-Jihad, by applying the most effective ICT Solutions.

The mission of the ministry of Agriculture-Jihad in the field of e-government development is to create a suitable electronic infrastructure for supervising, guiding and comprehensive and systematic supporting of agricultural activities, and continuous improvement of the relevant work processes.

The principles and values that the Ministry of Agricultural-Jihad which is committed to and requires itself to closely apply them, in the field of e-government development, is as follows:

1-Respecting the clients and improving the level of satisfaction of the people

2-Improving the health of the administrative system

3-Increasing the involvement of the people in the government

4-Reducing costs, time, and complexity of work procedures.

5-Using modern management systems and promoting the culture of innovation in the body of the government.

The strategic objectives of the ministry of Agriculture-Jihad in the field of e-government development include the following:

1-Shrinking the government body, deregulation and increasing agility.

2-Developing communications and creating information integrity between the ministry of Agricultural-Jihad and other governmental sectors.

3-Taking advantage of new and successful technologies , according with the mission.

4-The provision of re-engineered e-services and value-creating activities for beneficiaries.

5-Providing on-time information through integrated IT systems.

6-Upgrading the potency and expertise of the Ministry of Agriculture-Jihad in the assessments and decisions making

IT Strategy;

The ministry of Agriculture-Jihad strategy in development of e-government and providing services is applying Service Oriented Software Architecture, through executing Quick Wins projects, and short term software projects.

In this direction, the following electronic systems have been developed and exploited at the national level:

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