Health and Management of Aquatic Diseases

Office of Health and Management of Aquatic Diseases

- Studying, policy-making and designing strategic plans for combating aquatic diseases followed by monitoring on their operation;

- Studying, policy-making and compiling short, medium and long terms schedules in developing surveillance system for combating and protection of foregoing contagious diseases;

- Studying, investigating and identifying factors involved in incidence and outbreak of contagious aquatic diseases followed by their risk-analysis, surveillance and controlling actions;

- Studying, collection and epidemiologic analysis of incidence and controlling such diseases supported by useful remedial suggestions;

- Studying and scientific analysis of projects’ performance imperative for improved capabilities in combating process against the aforesaid diseases;

- Studying and specifying needed training courses (academic/in-service) for public/private veterinary sectors favoring enhanced combating and protection measures on aquatic diseases;

- Studying and assessing the existing protective surveillance system of afore-mentioned diseases followed by updating processes, capabilities and technical know-how;

- Conclusion and analysis of projects’ reports in combating diseases and bolding the gains and gaps;

- Investigating and figuring out the quality and quantity of the needed means, apparatus, facilities inputs and manpower towards improved controlling, diagnosis and protection of aquatic diseases;

- Collection and investigation on solicited information/reports of on-farm experiments and of drugs/biologics and poisons quality;

- Collection and compiling scientific reports on incidence and extend of contagious aquatic diseases for further reflection to respective national/ int’l agencies and authorities;

- Studying, monitoring and contribution in expansion of insurance coverage on aquatic farming businesses;

8 - Studying and analysis of collected information regarding aquatic contagious diseases and contamination status of internal rivers, ponds, lakes and seas specifically notifiable diseases and their careers;

- Studying, investigation and contribution in organization and enhancement of health and bio-safety levels in aquatic farms;

- Cooperation and contribution with legal and real entities especially field-specific unions and coops in hygienic renovation and improvement of their aquatic raising systems;

- Planning and tracing initiatives for infrastructural and health-care systems promotion of aquatic complexes in compliance with Good Aquatic Practices (GAP);

- Planning on integrated management of aquatic diseases at national scale;

- Programming and operation for protecting and blocking exotic diseases influence into the country;

- Planning and studying on feasibility for establishment of diagnostic labs for aquatic diseases across the country;

- Studying and analysis of the latest scientific findings via national/int’l resources for professional interaction with int’l specialized agencies e.g. FAO, OIE, NACA, etc.

- Studying and following the latest status of aquatic health and diseases in neighboring states accompanied by analysis and integration of int’l information/assessment;

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