Heath and Prevention

Deputy for Heath and Prevention

Terms of Reference

- - Studying, investigation, policy-making and contribution in planning and supervision on programs/activities related to control, prevention, eradication of contagious animal diseases and quarantine issues;

- Studying, planning and participating in combating joint animal-human diseases;

- - Studying, planning and participating in operation and monitoring on projects and activities linked to animal health, quarantine and bio-safety issues;

- - Surveying and sharing in formulation and enforcing of needed surveillance system on animal diseases (livestock, poultry, aquatics, honey-bee, silk-worm, etc.)

- -- Studying, planning and participating in derivation of techno-operational codes and conducts for hygienic quarantine and bio-safety measures in pastures, rangelands, watering, animal stables and related facilities;

- - Studying, planning and participating in formulation of hygienic /quarantine guidelines in animal feed plants;

- - Studying, planning and participating in derivation of necessary codes and conducts for residues control (drugs, hormones, pesticides, toxins, heavy metals, fungi metabolites, radio nuclides, …) in animal products;

- - Studying, planning, monitoring and participating in drafting technical instructions applied in hygienic/quarantine and bio-safety regulations in slaughter-houses and related processing plants;

- - Assessing and declaring the national requirements for animal drugs/biologic materials followed by contribution in supplying procedures;

- Studying and investigation for figuring out the required number of technical staff for public / private veterinary network;

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