Legal and Evaluation

Legal evolution in veterinary institution and service of Iran

Outbreak of the Mad Caw Disease stands as the core reason behind establishment of the Veterinary Organizations in many countries as well as Iran. The incidence of the event especially during the World War I (1916) imposed crucial loss in our cattle herds over certain provinces. The invasion of such fatal disease made govt. constitute a special authority to control animal pests in 1924.

This action was the foundation stone for today's IVO with specialized settings and agenda throughout the country with following mission and vision:

Terms of Reference:

Office of the IVO Head, legal affairs and performance evaluation

- Planning and forwarding the issues pertaining to the IVO Head premise;

- Cooperation and coordination with academia and research centers in veterinary businesses;

- Setting useful interactions with public, staff and authorities in veterinary networks;

- Following up and resolving challenges, demands and complains via respective deputies, directorates and provincial managers;

- Focusing on MP’s correspondences, dignitaries’ inquires and responding their pinpoints;

- Identification and introduction of eminent man powers for managerial vacancies;

- Suggesting and commenting on designation or removal of national/provincial deputies/managers;

- - Planning and coordination on nominating managers/experts to local /int’l missions;

- - Assessing the requests and bottlenecks raised by provincial offices and resolving them at HQ scale;

- - Preparation and organization of official meetings to be held between the IVO Head with other state dignitaries;

- - Coordination and planning on all needed affairs related to the IVO and its line directorates;

- - Programming and holding Coordination Council’s Assembly composed by provincial director generals;

- - Coordination and collaboration with national/provincial offices in combating natural/incidental disasters at critical situations;

- - Cooperation in compiling and approval of veterinary rules and regulation;

- - Monitoring and evaluation of national/provincial managers’ performance;

- - Collaboration in derivation of special indexes / criteria for performance evaluation of the IVO via approved codes and conducts and formalities;

- - Conducting regular inspections of national/provincial units for further evaluation of their operational mission in accordance with scopes, plans, codes and conducts advised for organizational assessment, detection of corruptions and reporting/documenting the results;

- - Reception and investigation on the complaints collected on various units and staff and reflecting the outcomes to the counterparts/complainers;

- Investigation and verification of the drafts of circulars, codes and conducts;

- Filing and suing the offensives in judicial courts and prosecution until gaining the result;

- Investigation and commenting on the bills, schedules and plans related to veterinary sector;

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