Office of Tropical / Semi-tropical Fruits

- Derivation of policies and instructions for growing tropical/semi-tropical fruits in conjunction with ministerial preferences;

- Planning and urging for quality production of tropical/semi-tropical fruits, reduction of the wastes and balanced extension of such fruits in compliance with the sub-sector policy;

- Preparing and implementing national schemes for production of tropical / semi-tropical fruits heading to fair planting pattern with higher performance in varying climates;

- Monitoring, evaluation and detection of existing orchards for due renovation and improvement of the stocks and their performance;

- Derivation and circulation of executive plans and guidelines on various issues geared to production, quality and quantity of the fruits followed by supervision on their operation;

- Discovering research /education requirements and preferences for further follow–up and enhanced know-now generation amid practitioners, experts and stakeholders;

- Investigating on inputs, machinery, credits and their provision and dissemination among growers;

- Coordinating with Plant Protection Organization on combating pests and diseases;

- Forwarding infra-structural schemes and mechanization

initiatives for higher outputs in accordance with different socio-economic aspects and climatic conditions ;

- Detecting needed mechanism and hygienic codes in fruits processing steps concurrent to global standards and demands;

- Transferring scientific know–now to field–operators trough technical extension campaigns and proportional to sub-sect oral mandates;

- Cooperating with relevant institutions and insurance agencies in detection of guaranteed price and insurance fees for purchasing tropical / semi-tropical fruits.

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