Individual Groups

- Seedlings and Improvement of Cultivars Group;

- Planning Group

- Orchards Nutrition and Quality Control of Fertilizers Group;

- Formulation Group for Codes and Conducts in the Dept;

- Extension / Training Group ;

- Certified and Organic Products Group;

National Tea Organization

Tea industry is responsible for green-leaves processing in related factories. Upon records, the first tea factory was established in Lahijan followed by other public 7, all created in Gilan province.

To date, over 162 factories have become operational in different districts of Gilan provinces bearing a total processing capacity of say 6500 ton.

Scopes and plans in the Seedlings and Cultivars Improvement Group

- Applying techno-scientific principles in progression of technology and know-how for certified seedlings production aiming to;

- accessing to certified seedlings needed for improved and developed orchards

- generation of core potentials for domestic/commercial crops;

- creation of safe, standard and commercial fruit-stocks;

- Intensification of techno-operational competence in certified seedlings production via supporting and assisting big seedlings nurseries for supplying improved and commercial stocks relying on subsidies revenues, bank credits and facilities made for development of infra-structures;

- Calling up private sector for full utilization of needed means for coordination in generation of national/provincial private-owned firms;

- Identification and organization of competent applicants meeting the enacted requirements;

- Diagnosis and registration of commercial and domestic cultivars;

- Enrichment of national genetic resources via importing stocks, commercial cultivars and germplasm;

- Assessing and regulating all seedling nurseries meeting the operational codes and conducts;

- Development of safe seedlings through new technology adoption( Tissue culturing method);

- Identification and appraisal of bottlenecks followed by coordination and surveillance on national seedlings production through provincial technical seedlings committees;

- Enhancement and transferring the breeding technology;

- Collaborating and coordinating on renovation of seedlings distribution network;

- Importing modern production technology in commercial dates’ cultivars (i.e. Mojul ) via organ-breeding method followed by techno-executive monitoring;

- Planning for wider application of latest research findings relying on adequate applied-research fund;

-Enabling ground for training and empowering skilled manpower in formulation and execution of projects through cooperation and interaction between practitioners, academia and research centers in operation of extension campaigns on genius, safe and certified seedlings;

- Time-bound assessment on certified seedlings process and performance based on due codes and conducts to enhance the final yield;

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