Office for Improvement of Animal Feeding and Stables

ü Studying and surveying on animal feeding and stable status;

ü Investigation and introduction of new feedstuff resources in collaboration with producers and formulators;

ü Assessing the needs, capacities and short-comings in feedstuff and stables issues;

ü Derivation of the plans and projects with short, medium and long-run schedules/scopes on enhancing quality feeds and stables;

ü Compiling updated codes and conducts on provision, dispersion, consumption and quality controlling of feedstuffs, additives and complements coordinated with respected authorities;

ü Preparing and circulating national/int’l rules and regulations (CODEX) on feeding practices and stables management;

ü Encouraging the affiliated executive offices in transferring the findings to the real fields for enhanced feeding performance and animal raising;

ü Collaboration with relevant authorities in rehabilitation, classification, evaluation and execution of the Plan of Animal Farms’ Technical Managers and Supervisors followed by compiling needed instructions for monitoring their functions;

ü Programming on livestock withdrawal off the civil premises and accommodating them in suburb complexes based on predefined policies/specifications;

ü Tracing, advocating and monitoring the improved quality and quantity of feed plants production as well as status of the animal stables;

Figuring out the required research-training activities in the fields of animal feeding and stable running;

ü Designing and extending good patterns on stables construction, animal farming complexes, livestock supply fields, feedstuff’s labs, machinery and equipments, feed plants, slaughter-houses, milk collection centers, sperm collection and embryo development centers, etc.;Sharing views and interacting with official stakeholders in trading animal inputs/outputs;

 Controlling the authorization/establishment process of animal farms/complexes, feed plants, small-scale rural farms, feedstuffs’ analysis labs and by-industries;

ü Collaboration with related authorities in sorting and improving animal grazing management in rangelands;

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